Local Artisans

Don Shepard Custom Furniture

After retiring from owning his business, Shepard Excavating, Inc.of Dexter, of over thirty years, Don decided to keep busy by building things with the wood that he collected over the years from his property. This became a hobby that others started to notice as Don made special pieces for friends and family. This hobby has turned into Don being a regular supplier at Boxwood. Being a business owner himself, he understands the passion it takes to build a successful business and sees that in Boxwood. 

Torno Boatworks

 Michigan designer-builder, Randall Torno, presents a unique line of custom-built lightweight canoes utilizing exotic and locally sourced wood, hand selected for color and grain. Torno Boatworks canoes are handcrafted works of art, utilizing a unique design that incorporates functional flowing lines from bow to stern. Premium western red cedar strips are individually hand fitted and subsequently encapsulated in fiberglass and epoxy, creating a lightweight and strong hull. Finishing trim wood is selected to compliment the cedar hull. Multiple coats of marine varnish are applied to protect the wood and give an impressive gloss finish.

Michael Cooper Designs

"My father’s father was a cabinetmaker in Kentucky. While I didn't really know him I did tour his shop when I was very young. While my own father wasn't necessarily a woodworker, his favorite place in the world was his own workshop, and then my mother’s father also spent all his free time in his workshop. I knew from the time I was very young that I wanted to work with wood, and I certainly was inspired watching my favorite people working in their own shops. I started my work career working at my own business in landscape design and construction. Those years taught me a sincere reverence for trees in nature. But it was time for a shift, to get back to that dream of working wood in my own workshop"
-Michael Cooper


Sandy Crews

Sandy is a local Dexter artist, my mom and all-around wonder woman! There really isn't anything this woman can't do. She is a talented soft cloth doll maker, a walking Pinterest board of ideas, and can create anything she puts her mind to. Her creations match her personality, they are fun, unique and one-of-a-kind!