Purposeful Creations

The pioneer's love of wood and their skill in using it, as well as surviving examples of it, are fast disappearing. The United States was a country blanketed by forests. Not only on the coasts, but also in the south, and along the Canadian border, massive trees thrived in expansive woodlands.
These trees were harvested by the millions and became everything from floorboards to ridge beams, plows to boat keels. This lumber is as much a part of the history of this country as any building that still stands or document that was written during that period.
Much of this old wood still remains in the form it took after it first came down. Artisan furniture makers know of these treasures and are committed to reclaiming its value. At Boxwood, we are always on the lookout for artisans who are dedicated to using materials from the past. We are discovering so many new, talented artisans making some incredible pieces, everything from tabletops to armoires to office desks.